The Pleasure of My Company by Steve Martin

The Pleasure of My Company

Steve Martin (Adult Fiction)

Daniel Pecan Cambridge is a man suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder who, on the surface, appears quite content with the cards that life has dealt him.  However, by peering at the world outside his window, he sees hope, opportunity, and something that absolutely terrifies him…something different.

I adore Steve Martin as an actor and was anxious to see if I would enjoy him as a writer as well.  I must admit that I almost didn’t give this book the chance it deserved. Daniel’s character was a little too self-absorbed (perhaps the title should have clued me in) and neurotic for my liking.  It truly is a matter of sheer will at times to keep reading since Daniel is such an intolerable, infuriating, and exasperating person.  But just as Martin can masterfully pull at his banjo strings, he enables Daniel to somehow pull at our heartstrings and we find ourselves cheering for the unlikeliest of heroes.

Rating: 3/5